How to Configure LUN Masking with Openfiler 2.99 and ESXi 4.1

This is a duplicate post on this blog but for good reason. I’m back home for vacation and my on-ramp to the interwebs is finally high speed DSL and more reliable than when I first posted several months ago. Therefore, I’m able to include my original screenshots with this post. I had to remove the screenshots in the first post because they wouldn’t upload. I hope this post will give you that visual aid that’s so helpful in walkthroughs.

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I passed the VCP 5 exam!

A happy day for me, indeed! I passed my VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 exam today in Rolla, MIssouri. I’ve been studying vSphere 5 now for about 5 months.

Because my current project is implementing vSphere 4.1 data centers, I was planning on attending the Install, Configure, and Manage course for vSphere 4.1 – I even bought the 4.1 course. Then vSphere 5 came out and my course provider, Global Knowledge, changed my 4.1 course to version 5. That was ok by me. I just changed gears and started studying for vSphere 5. I’ve been able to set up version 5 test labs at different customer sites parallel to our 4.1 implementations. The test labs have all consisted of nested ESXi boxes.

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Windows Server 2003 won’t boot after a P2V

So far, our Physical-to-Virtual migrations of Exchange 2003 on x86 Server 2003 Enterprise boxes have gone mostly smoothly – until this evening, that is. In the past, a failure soon after the P2V process started was resolved with a reboot or by disabling the TCP Offload Engine on the Broadcom NICs (this was easily accomplished with the cmd.exe command netsh int ip set chimney DISABLED).

This evening’s P2Vs were a bit more challenging.

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