Free eBook: How to Build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab

I was fortunate enough to be contacted recently by this excellent fellow, Neil Anderson, to help spread the good word about his new eBook, How to Build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab for Free! I took a look at it and it’s definitely the best guide I’ve come across so far for building a lab with a NetApp simulator. He walks you through step-by-step, with lots of screenshots, how to build a lab with

  • 3 NetApp clustered Data ONTAP 9 (now just ONTAP 9) simulators
  • 2 Windows VMs
  • 2 Linux VMs
  • Active Directory and DNS
  • A VyOS virtual router
  • Putty and SuperPutty
  • as well as the install of VMware Workstation Player (the free version of the full blown VMware Workstation)

Each item can be downloaded as a trial or evaluation version or is free to use outright which means this lab is a lot like free beer. If you’re studying for NetApp certs, Neil’s free eBook is hard to beat.

The lab topology is shown below.

Check out the rest of Neil’s site while you’re there. It’s chock full of tech goodness, and heavy on NetApp right now.


One Comment on “Free eBook: How to Build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab”

  1. Thanks for the ebook. I will definitely check this out.

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