Cisco Nexus Fibre Channel configuration template

I recently had the opportunity to configure native fibre channel in my test lab at work using Nexus 55xx series switches and Cisco’s UCS. What I’ll do in this post is to share my templatized fibre channel configuration in a somewhat ordered way, at least from the Nexus point of view. This test lab was configured with the attitude that it should show off the capabilities of the hardware and software. Concepts included in this initial configuration include NPIV, NPV, SAN port-channels, F_Port trunking, VSANs, device aliases, and of course, standard FC concepts like zones and zonesets.

Let me first share the end-state as of today, what I’ll call Phase I. I’ll explain what my initial plan was for Phase I and, after learning a bit more, what I plan to do for Phase II.  Please feel free to correct me in the comments below – I made a lot of mistakes configuring this and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’re a few more in there.

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SnapMirror: replication.dst.err:error

I ran across an issue today that my various sources of troubleshooting (ok, Google) couldn’t help solve – at least not directly. I configured SnapMirror between two disparate systems for a data migration. 16 of the 17 volumes initialized just fine, but I was getting an error on the one volume that had a LUN inside. It was a SnapDrive for Windows LUN, so I knew that just prior to the final cutover I’d have to take a Snapshot via SnapDrive, but I should be able to start the baseline transfer via the standard CLI. Here’s what I was seeing:

 ControllerA> snapmirror initialize -S ControllerZ-vif01:vol_server2008 ControllerA:vol_server2008
Transfer started.
Monitor progress with 'snapmirror status' or the snapmirror log.
Mon May 13 14:21:26 CDT [ControllerA:replication.dst.err:error]: SnapMirror: destination transfer from ControllerZ-vif01:vol_server2008 to vol_server2008 : process was aborted.

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