Small Change to Cisco UCS Manual Upgrades

I was performing my first upgrade past 2.2(3) this weekend (upgrading to 2.2(5)) and I came across a small change that took some googling to figure out. Eventually, I found the resolution in the Release Notes. If you’re performing a manual upgrade to 2.2(4b) or later, you have to clear the Startup Version of the Default Infrastructure Pack.  This action is the result of bug fix CSCus73964 and can be found in the Behavior Changes section of the 2.2 Release Notes.

The error occurred when trying to Activate the firmware of the IO Modules. It states, “Failed start activation. Manual upgrade/activation is disallowed because the Default Infrastructure Policy ‘Startup Version’ is set. Retry the operation after changing the version to ‘Not Set.'”


The UCSM GUI option to clear the startup version on the Auto Install tab was grayed out so I couldn’t clear it from there. The Firmware Management CLI Guide offered the CLI solution to clearing it, though, and it worked fine.



8 Comments on “Small Change to Cisco UCS Manual Upgrades”

  1. Derek Robertson says:

    Hi, thanks for the tip .. I noticed in the GUI in the Firmware Auto install tab .. if you click the FSM tab under this and then go back to the General tab, the ‘clear startup version’ button becomes available.

  2. monahancj says:

    Derek’s solution worked for me too.

  3. Rohit Gupta says:

    To get rid of this alert, clear the startup version. From the UCS Manager, navigate to /equipment/firmware management/firmware auto install/general/clear startup version.

  4. […] is set.  Retry the operation after changing the version to ‘Not Set'”  Check out this post for the […]

  5. Thanks It’s worked!

  6. Debabrata mandal says:


    This solution worked for me
    Thanks Derek

  7. syed says:

    im trying to update IOM and getting this message manual upgrade/activation is disallowed ,If i use clear startup vesion will I loose any data traffic or will there be any downtime.

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