Fun with Vyatta and home routing!

24 October 2014 Edit: fixed typos when setting IP addresses and descriptions on Vyatta interfaces (from eth0 to the proper interfaces)

Good day my Internet friends!  Let me say that I feel accomplished – and not just because I got out of bed this morning, although that is a big win for me.  No, instead I’ve actually been quite productive (based on my standards, anyways).  I’ve been rebuilding my home test lab for the past couple of days before I start my new job.  What I really wanted was to get back heavy into the NetApp DataONTAP simulator, but I wanted to get inter-VLAN routing working first so I could have some realistic networking.  I only have layer 2 switches in the lab so I was looking for ways to accomplish this.  I reckon I knew I would have to use software of some sort, but I hadn’t actually messed with anything up to this point.  I’d heard of the Vyatta virtual router recently, so I thought I’d give that a try.  image You can download the free community edition here with a login: I wasn’t able to find the Vyatta virtual appliance I saw advertised around the interwebs, but I was able to install from the LiveCD ISO just fine.

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