About Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a Consulting Engineer for Netera Networks – a VMware, NetApp and Cisco partner based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Previously, he worked in the banking industry and for the US Army as a contractor in Afghanistan and Kuwait, building Army data centers with VMware, Dell, NetApp, and Cisco technologies to support the War on Terror. He also served overseas as a soldier repairing Army helicopters. Mike holds certifications from VMware, Cisco, NetApp, and Microsoft. He is not the author of any books or articles; rather, he makes it a point to read the books and articles of those much smarter than him.

Mike is a member of the Dallas/Fort Worth VMware Users Group (Twitter:@DFWVMUG and the web: vmug.com). His participation includes serving as a Steering Committee member.

You can reach Mike at michael [dot] b [dot] brown3 [at] gmail.com.  You can also find him on LinkedIn and especially on the twitters as @VirtuallyMikeB.


5 Comments on “About Mike Brown”

  1. Praveen says:

    Nice to see your blog Mike..

    Praveen Malik
    Delhi (INDIA)

  2. ryanmalone2014 says:

    Great blog Mike!

  3. Jorge Mario says:

    Great Work Mike! you´re a Master!
    Jorge Mario – Colombia

  4. jules says:

    Really appreciate what you are doing!!!

  5. rzdtufzgh says:

    Dead Linkedin link

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