VMware Converter ColdClone ISOs

I just wanted to document where to find a copy of the VMware Converter ColdClone ISO. This is a useful tool that I wish was still around, but for now, our vFriend over at WhiteboardNinja (@timantz) has archived it for us on Dropbox.




27 Comments on “VMware Converter ColdClone ISOs”

  1. golfinho says:

    Big thx

  2. Paul says:

    This justifies why I do not like Vmware. I am however thankful

  3. Aquiline George Neville says:

    Thanks Buddy. Was really helpful

  4. If VMWare wants people to use their products, they should do everything they can to allow conversions to take place. A P2V bootable CD is one of those tools that should be freely available to everyone. Thanks for the upload!!!!

  5. Gary W. says:

    Thanks!! I even downloaded converter 4.1.x to extract the bootCD.iso, as instructed by VMware, but they stripped it from the image. Cold boot is the MOST reliable way to P2V, so why remove it?

  6. AxeMaster says:

    Any link where to download 4.1.x version? Would be much appreciated

    • I know they discontinued the LiveCD version at one point but I don’t recall when. Check out this link. It sounds like they stopped somewhere about the vSphere 4.0 version. http://communities.vmware.com/thread/323811



      • AxeMaster says:

        Saw this link while digging through internet to find a solution for my P2V problem. To be short, I have a SBS 2011 server in RAID5 that doesn’t want to boot after hardware failure. I’ll probably have to reinstall SBS, but I want to do a P2V since I can’t log into Windows and install VMware Converter. Was searching for a good solution to P2V the server onto my ESXi 5.1 before attempting a Windows repair. Tried the MOA thing, but maybe I got something wrong, it didn’t work. So searching for a kinda boot cd so I can make a P2V, or something to create an image I could import in my ESXi later. At the moment, I’m trying with TrueImage Home rescue CD, but searching for other solution meanwhile.

      • AxeMaster says:

        Oops! Took time to display the reply, sorry for multiple post.

  7. AxeMaster says:

    Saw this link while digging through the internet to find a solution to my problem. To be short, I have a SBS 2011 server that had hardware issues, and keep rebooting now. Wanted to P2V the server before attempting anything on it. So I’m searching for a boot cd that can help me P2V, or create an image that I can import in my ESXi later. Tried the MOA thing, but didn’t work, maybe I got something wrong. Trying at the moment with TrueImage Home, and searching for other alternative in case it doesn’t work. If you have a fast solution to offer that will work, or if you can give me a link to an ISO that will do the job for SBS2011, I’m a taker. Server is a HP ProLiant ML350 G6, Raid5 (4×250 GB).

  8. alex_hunt says:

    thanks a lot buddy for the share.

  9. Kazim says:

    thanks buddy.

  10. Mecatroid says:

    You are the guy ! Thanx so much

  11. MrSencie says:

    thanks you

    currently trying to P2V a Linux Server fingers crossed this work

    • pctool frustrated says:

      Anyone kind enough to have a link for the pctool.exe that allows injection of drivers into the coldclone.iso. This file is usually part of the VMware convertercd package download.

  12. zyu says:

    thank you very much.
    my client is windows 2000 and the windows installer serve is always stop, i reinstall the serve,but still not working.so i can’t use converter hot clone, i found VMware web can’t download coldclone.iso any more. i’m in china. so you know it’s hard for me to find this file.
    however thanks very much

  13. Toto says:

    Thanks a lot, man!

  14. Ali Fanaei says:

    You are a real NINJA! Thanks very much. honesty survive all! 😉

  15. Shan says:

    Hi Thanks for the info.
    Is this supported for Redhat linux 3. I mean using the converter live CD, can we migrate Redhat Linux machine 3(Cold migration method).

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

  16. Admin Geek says:

    Can you let me know where I can download PEtool.exe please? I can’t find any where

  17. Admin Geek says:

    Can you let me know where can I download petool.exe? I can’t find it any where

  18. Jan De Smet says:

    I know this is an old post, but someone please share the bootcd 4.1? I am currently virtualizing a physical workload, and looking for the iso. thanks.

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