Open Networking Summit 2013

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a message from ONS 2013 as its conference nears.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the buzzword on the mind of every player in the networking and telecom ecosystem; promises to revolutionize networking as we know it and will affect service provider networks, cloud networks and enterprise networks.

Open Networking Summit (ONS) 2013 is the premier conference for SDN and Open Flow and has established itself as the leading event to ‘plug-in’ to SDN.

ONS brings together the entire SDN ecosystem, comprised of thought leaders, business leaders, luminaries, creators, researchers, innovators and engineers, to offer the very highest caliber presentations, tutorials, exhibitions, and latest research to enable the SDN community to interact and share ideas.

ONS 2013 has shaped up really well with an exciting lineup of Distinguished Speakers and exhibitors from early adopters, leading incumbents, service providers, SDN leaders, disruptive startups, leading vendors and visionary investors of SDN.

Learn what to expect & why you should come to ONS 2013 and Plug-in to SDN:

Ø Network Architects: See how your peers are designing SDN solutions for specific use-cases, learn about the intersection of SDN with server / storage virtualization where you can build SDN solutions into your designs and boost your career.

Ø Network Operators / Practitioners: Boost your career by learning how your peers are deploying SDN in their environments and how to start with SDN in your environment.

Ø Networking Vendors: Join the conversation, share your point of view, showcase your technologies/solutions to customers and connect with partners.

Ø Researchers & Early Adopters: Share your cutting edge research or deployments, learn from other researchers and connect with commercial organizations and potential investors.

Ø LOB / IT Executives: Learn how SDN can solve real business problems – find where the network is limiting your ability to grow, create new sources of revenue, meet a desired cost structure and create competitive differentiation.

Ø Financial Markets Technologists: See Goldman Sach’s deployment experience. Additionally get vital news, expert analysis, in-depth research and thought leadership on why SDN can be vital in today’s high performance electronic trading markets.

Ø Marketing / Business executives: Get ahead by knowing what’s happening in a rapidly changing market; create new business partnerships and sales connections.

Ø Investors & VCs: Don’t be left behind — learn about the latest advances in SDN, discover the next Nick McKeon / Martin Casado, find that new startup to fund.

Attend ONS 2013 and Get Ahead in SDN!

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