Add transparency in Visio 2010, finally

If your normal Right-click > Format > Fill… doesn’t work to add transparency to a Visio object in 2010, try settingimage the same percentage for both Fill and Line.  In my quick testing, it didn’t work with some objects.  I’ve been looking for this functionality for a bit and finally found a reference to the workaround here.




7 Comments on “Add transparency in Visio 2010, finally”

  1. E Berg says:

    MIKE ! Thank you !

    Your tip worked for me The shape transparency issue in Visio 2010 has been driving me crazy for months. There are a lot of tips on the web about this, but most seem oddly irrelevant to the real problem.

    Thanks again.

  2. Alex says:

    That didn’t work! Doesn’t MS have a fix for this yet???

  3. Tony says:

    To make a picture transparent in Visio 2010 use the following steps:
    Format > Brightness > (at the bottom) – Picture Correctness Options > Image Control Tab > under Effects choose your Transparency.

  4. CB says:

    Tried this and it works. Finally there is a real solution.

  5. Jeff says:

    To make images transparent there is Image Properties -> Transparency in the shape sheet. I just have to write a macro to change that.

  6. Steve Bailey says:

    To make a picture transparent in Visio 2019, select the picture, go to picture format on the menu, drop down the menu under “Brightness” on the left, select Picture Correction Options at the bottom, and on the Image Control Tab adjust the Transparency.

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