Getting Started with EMC Storage

EMC LogoSo I’ve been asked to get up to speed on EMC.  We’re really a Flexpod company, which includes Cisco, NetApp, and VMware, but we’re finding clients in our Dallas / Fort Worth market that are already EMC customers and would like to stay that way.  Many times, it makes more sense for these shops to stick with EMC.  One reason for this is that we find small to mid-size shops that already have the technical expertise to manage an EMC environment are sometimes reluctant to defenestrate the platform on which they’re most comfortable.  Selling them a NetApp would not be setting them up for as much success as we would if we left them with hardware already in their management comfort zone, assuming the sale met their needs in the first place.

And so here I am, ready and raring to learn EMC.  I’m already a NetApp dude and have a firm grasp on storage fundamentals, but this will be my first foray into EMC.  While I’m already using my google-fu to find training aids, I’d love to hear the recommendations from the vCommunity on how best to learn EMC products.

I’m already tracking on Joe Kelly’s Pluralsight training which I’m sure I’ll lean on heavily.  I also know that Nick Weaver has a simulator out there.  What other free learning tools would you recommend?


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  1. vNetWise says:

    Well I’m definitely tagging this post 🙂 We’re in the process of moving from FAS3240’s to VNX5400’s, so I’m in the same boat. I’m also using the PluralSight option, as well as we have access to EMC EduCare, which I’m hoping will help. The VNX simulator should be noted is file only – so for CIFS/NFS that’ll be great. But no block mode currently. I’ve heard rumblings of a full on vVNX similar to OnTap Edge – but I don’t if those are rumors, lies, or schemes – I just hope it comes to pass 😉 Short of that, if I could find a small underpowered VNXe for the cost of a course, I’d probably pick it up for a lab.

    Definitely interested to see what other responses you get!

  2. Niraj says: will definitely help. Some of the other free resources I find helpful are,

    Edutube –
    vLAB –
    EMC Demo Center (Recorded Demo’s) –
    ESVL-VDC Labs –

    There’s also a VNX2 (5400) simulator available on powerlink.

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