Add a VLAN to a UCS blade via the CLI

cisco_ucsSo my UCS Manager GUI was having certificate problems today in my test lab and I really wanted to get something done. I think I need to update UCSM from 2.0(1s) to one of the latest, but that’s a project in itself, especially if I can’t just click-click-click my way through. What I really wanted to do was add a couple existing VLANs to the vNIC of an ESXi host on a blade (so I could vMotion some stuff around). Of course, with the GUI, it’s a few clicks. Without the GUI (and not knowing where to go in the CLI), I was at a bit of a loss.

The UCS CLI guide wasn’t helpful as it was more for managing the hardware or upstream configs – not so much for what would seem like a task made for UCSM. So to get on with it, let me share the quick config for adding VLANs to vNICs. This post actually got me in the ballpark (just search for “vlan” in the post), but from there, I was on my own!

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